From 1st January 2016 Bodylines natural gym became a private training facility open 24/7 to members and personal trainers.

Established in 1988, BODYLINES NATURAL GYM is the longest running gym in the Leeds area. Over the years, the gym has changed hands a number of times, but has never lost it's sense of continuity or community, with many current members having trained at Bodylines since 1988. Throughout its history, Bodylines has undergone many small and evolutionary changes, however our philosophy remains the same: To provide a clean, steroid-free environment for effective weight training & fitness. Free weights have always formed a large part of the gym's equipment and not without good reason - with proper instruction, such as that received at Bodylines, free weights give the best results.

We are not a mainstream gym, you will not find the latest flashing machines but what you will find is a lot of iron and like-minded individuals wanting to push themselves to attain their goals.

Old gym members


Kieran O'Donnell is an ex-Parachute Regiment soldier and is used to teaching fitness to all sorts of people in all sorts of conditions. Needless to say, he takes his fitness very seriously and he brings this mentality to his gym.

In short ,he knows the best methods to get people fit, so if you have made a serious decision that you want to change how you look or how much you weigh then Kieran and the team can help you. Call or drop in for a free 30 minute consultation where he will go through your objectives. If you decide to choose BODYLINES NATURAL GYM you will not be disappointed.

Kiearan O'Donnell

   0113 2429883